Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn't very much. — E. Tolle
Neurodivergence Gallery is a travelling art gallery showing the world from neurodiverse perspectives. It is meant to bring uplifting and engaging conversations about mental health to places of everyday conversation: social and coworking spaces, cafes, lobbies, restaurants, lounges, waiting rooms, etc.
While remaining open to any creative ideas of collaboration, these are our two pillars:
I. Bringing the mental health conversation into actual, physical spaces, not only online
II. TELL YOUR STORY YOUR WAY. In NG, we honour stories told in truth to the heart of the storyteller. We celebrate diversity in its pure, unrefined form in the most respectful way to all involved. Thus, we do not follow any trending or official narratives nor strive to fit any theories or should's. We honour storytelling true to the heart of the one who has lived the story.
Share with us a minute of your loving attention and you have already made a difference for us. THANK YOU!
Art stirs our deeper awareness, a positive conversation breaks the stigma. In Europe alone, there are 24 official and over 200 spoken languages shaped by different cultural expectations and generalised perceptions of ‘standards’ and ‘norms’. Healing the mental health stigma with these plain words is a tricky venture, unless we translate our stories into colours, shapes, geometry and angles so that we 'feel about' mental conditions, not opinionate about them.
neurodivergent music event streamed from boston