Neurodivergence Gallery is always grateful for a temporary space we can use for an exhibition and a talk - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 
As long as it has at least two walls and a roof, we will find a way to make the best out of your spacial generosity! Whether you are a private person or a company, you will be featured on our website and social media as our sponsor. 
Because our purpose is to encourage the public to ask questions about mental conditions and eventually end the stigma around them, we are looking out for fairly central places. 
If you would like to lend us your space for a temporary exhibition, even if just two walls for just two days, please contact Marta Styczen via the form below or call/WhatsApp at +49 (0)157 568 589 23.
Thank you! 
Thank you for your generosity. I will get back to you as soon as possible.